Adhering to the spirit of "quality for survival, reputation for development", the company adheres to the cooperation concept of respecting equality, mutual benefit, and achieving a win-win situation, and provides customers with high-quality products and services with excellent technology. Let the world's good drivers save worry, time, effort, and money, and conform to the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. Longkou Junheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. allows wisdom and science to coexist, allows quality and service to endorse, and confidently show off the true self and motivation.

Longkou Junheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. promises to create a high-quality brand, build a trustworthy enterprise, independent innovation and R&D, focus on leapfrogging, support development, carry science and technology, and be a practitioner of scientific research and exploration; provide human beings with industrialized intelligent butlers; cast new in the auto parts industry Milestones.

Longkou Junheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a pioneer of car parts enterprises; a brand that integrates professionalism and miracle into the soul.

A new milestone in the foundry auto parts industry

Junheng Auto Parts

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