Detailed step analysis of how to install brake discs

Installing brake discs is a technical job. Not only do you pay attention to safety during operation, but you can't do it alone.Let's take a look at the detailed step analysis of installing brake discs.

1.To start disassembling the rear wheel assembly, here is an explanation of the special tools needed to remove the rear wheel bearing cover!If you use a slotted screwdriver to pry, it will destroy the seal of the bearing cover. If you enter the water, you should replace the bearing with a new one.

2.After disassembling the rear brake disc baffle, it will look like this after removing the rear wheel bearing. At this time, clean up the dust in the bearing sleeve.Put on the new brake disc baffle, tighten the rear wheel bearing and press the bearing cover.

3.Upper sub-pump bracket, press the upper sub-pump after installing the brake pads, tighten the screws of the sub-pump and the bracket, and be sure to tighten it. This is the key!

4.After tightening each bolt, press the upper hub to complete the operation.

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