How often do car brake pads change?Below this thickness, it won't work if you don't change it.

How long is the general brake disc replacement cycle?The thickness of the new brake pads is generally about 1.5 cm, and the thickness will gradually become thinner with continuous friction during use.Professional and technical personnel recommend that when the thickness of the brake pads is only about 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm), the owner should increase the frequency of self-inspection and be ready to replace the time at any time.

Of course, due to the design of the wheels, some models do not have the conditions for visual inspection, and the tires must be disassembled to complete.There is a raised mark on both sides of each brake pad.The thickness of this mark is about two to three millimeters.This is also the thinnest replacement limit for brake discs.If the thickness of the brake pads is already parallel to this mark, they must be replaced.

Therefore, when the thickness of the brake pads is close to this mark, the owner must observe and be prepared at any time.If there is a slight “iron” sound when lightly pressing the brakes, the brake pads must be replaced immediately.Since the limit marks on both sides of the brake pads have directly rubbed against the brake disc, it proves that the brake pads have exceeded the limit.

In this case, when replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to cooperate with the inspection of the brake discs.When this kind of noise occurs, the brake disc is often damaged.Even if the new brake pads are replaced, the noise cannot be eliminated, and the brake discs need to be replaced in severe cases.However, brake pads are extremely worn and generally not recommended to be replaced. It is best to replace brake pads with a thickness of more than 5mm.

To ensure the safety of driving.If it is impossible to observe whether the brake pads need to be replaced, personnel should be asked to check the brake system during daily maintenance.But now some cars have their own brake pad replacement prompts. When the brake pads are too thin, there will be prompts on the dashboard.If not, of course you can also judge by listening to the sound of the brakes.

For example, hearing the sound of friction between metals proves that the brake pads have been completely worn out, and the worn brake discs come out at this time.Many cars now have brake alarms, but some cars still don't.If not, the owner doesn't have to worry, just look at the brake pads directly.Generally speaking, the thickness of the brake pads of new cars is 1.5 cm.

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