Does the brake disc have to be as big as possible?The more heat energy is absorbed, the faster the heat dissipation

Under inertial thinking, the understanding of braking force is that the larger the brake disc, the larger the brake pad, the larger the contact area between the brake disc and the brake pad, then the greater the braking force naturally, the better?In fact, most friends will judge this way. In fact, the calculation of braking force is very complicated.

If the contact area is large enough, the braking force will be strong. This is not just a problem. It mainly depends on whether the effective braking radius is reasonable. Only the more reasonable the effective braking radius, the greater the braking force of the vehicle; it is only one aspect that the contact area between the brake disc and the brake pad can make the braking force greater!

The more common brake disc material is cast iron 250, which is gray cast iron, and the advanced one is ceramic fiber composite steel. At present, in our country's automobile market, there are four main production standards for brake discs, namely: HT250; Germany GG20; the United States G3000 and Japan FC200.

Among these four standards, HT250 (gray cast iron 250 standard) is the highest, the United States G3000 is slightly lower than HT250, Germany GG20 and Japan FC200 are lower than G3000, but basically at the same level, the brake pads and brake discs of the original car will meet together, the diameter of the brake discs is assumed to be 330mm, and the resulting coefficient of friction is assumed to be A.

The modified brake pads will also be combined with the brake pads. It is assumed that the diameter of the brake disc is 345mm, and the size of the brake pads remains the same. If the material is the same, the coefficient of friction is still A. Therefore, it is meaningless to just increase the area of the brake disc. The modification of the brake system requires the system to be upgraded.

The modification should start with the brake master pump. The principle of the brake system is through hydraulic transmission. The brake master cylinder under pressure infuses the oil into the oil circuit and enters the sub-cylinders. The sub-cylinders then apply pressure to the piston. Here, let me first talk about the most common and meaningless modification-piston calipers.

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